For a sustainable future in textile

In order to create a sustainable future in textile, we combine our industry experience with innovative solutions to enhance your business with result-oriented projects.

Orbit Consulting, has been established with the guidance of 30 years of experience in the textile industry. The company was founded in November 2019.
Orbit Consulting’s future goals are to enhance the following systems in the textile industry in Turkey;

     – Having sustainability principles at heart
     – Creating efficiency
     – Facilitating internal operations
     – Technology savvy

Orbit Consulting’s primary areas of interest is sustainability in textiles.
For a sustainable future in textiles;

     – Transparency in the supply chain
     – Environmentally friendly raw material choices
     – Environmental and circular design systems
     – Traceability and social compliance procedures
     – Reporting services

Have been chosen as the base levels of operation.

Our Goals

Sustainability has three important and interrelated dimensions: economic, social and environmental. We have created Orbit Criteria to assess and deliver value on each of these dimensions.

To enhance our business partners’ supply chain performance by identifying sustainable and more efficient supply chain solutions while supporting local communities and creating better employment scenarios.

Supporting an ecosystem that has human rights and dignity at its core to promote social unity and prioritizes fair trade and workplace safety.

Offering production methods that minimize waste, prevent environmental risks by minimizing/eliminating use of hazardous chemicals while promoting usage of renewable energy in its operations.

Sustainability Manifesto

We face challenges in all three pillars of Sustainable Development:

Environmental – the ongoing pollution of the planet, habitat destruction for millions of species, and the refusal to acknowledge planetary boundaries, leading to both a loss of biodiversity and to the climate emergency. We aim to determine environmental impact of the enterprise and review of the resulting products in terms of resource consumption, waste amount and harmful emissions and guide to overcome.

– barriers to inclusion, extreme poverty, increased gender inequalities, the unfair distribution of income and lack of solidarity. We aim to support the sustainability culture to protect social and legal rights of employees and to create an ecosystem that promotes peace and prosperity.

– a model that creates great disparities in society and stimulates overconsumption by focusing on short-term economic growth at the expense of society and the environment. We aim to guide the textile companies to support the economy of their district and to transform into a sustainable structure with long term profit.
The United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development was signed by all 193 member states. This agenda includes the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a universal call to action to protect the planet, end poverty and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The SDGs are all interconnected and rely on one another to achieve an equilibrium of environmental, social and economic sustainability. We need a multilateral approach from all stakeholders on all fronts to achieve that balance.

We COMMIT to incorporating the three pillars of sustainability in the field we choose to focus. Textile industry is our focus. We believe it is possible creating amazing outfits, from basics to high fashion without causing social inequality and any harm to the planet…

What is your passion?

We aim for the ‘good’ in society.  While implementing our sustainability strategy, we focus on the environment, individuals, institutions and society.

For a Better Environment; we recognise  global climate change threats and work for its prevention.
For Better Individuals; we aim to improve the quality of life by improving the physical, mental and economic health of individuals,
For Better Institutions; we support other institutions to become stronger in their oversight of and implementation of sustainability,
For a Better Community; we take the initiative by contributing to the sustainable development of society.

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