Bikem Kanık

Bikem Kanık has gained experience in many different industries as an economist and finance professional in her career of more than 25 years. She has worked in the fields of Treasury and Corporate Finance in her business life. She has worked for and had been a part of many successful initiatives of financial markets in her nearly 12-year investment banking career. She has specialized in financial structuring, mergers and venture capital. She has worked in the positions, such as Product Development Manager and Business Development Director in various  international risk management consultancy companies. During her career path, she noticed  the requirement for Turkey’s risk management  services in the area of sustainability so she  founded her own consulting company in  2014. She has given consultancy services to local and foreign companies from every sector in the fields of Corporate Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Sustainability Management, Institutionalization Management, Organizational Configuration, Process Management. She had the opportunity to experience both sides of the business world with board memberships, consultancy and auditing board memberships.  She is currently an Executive Board Member at Orbit Consulting.

Faik Emir Öztürk

Orbit Consulting Co-Founder, Faik Emir Öztürk started to shape his career in textile industry and specialized in sustainability and continued his activities in this field. With the establishment of Orbit Consulting in 2019, he pursued the goal of consulting and stakeholder in the textile industry in this field. Emir is highly skilled on adding value to the clients’ corporate sustainability framework, and today he works as a sustainability expert at Orbit Consulting.

Didem Çakar

Didem Çakar, starting her career at Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (İTKİB) nearly 20 years ago, has worked for the national and international funded projects aiming the development of Turkish fashion and textile industry.
Taking part in the founding team of Istanbul Fashion Academy (İMA), supported IMA’s industrial training and consultancy infrastructure, while carrying out creative industries projects bringing together public-local-civil-private stakeholders.
Didem Çakar, who has management experience in leading fashion and textile companies from different stages of the supply chain, specializes in system building, business modelling, corporate
development and national and international funds, grants and incentives.
She continues her career in Orbit Consulting by managing circularity and sustainability projects in the field of social, environmental and economic development in textile.

İlayda Sipahi

İlayda Sipahi has started her carrier as an environmental engineer. She has participated in projects related with green buildings applications, water/wastewater treatment methods, waste management, zero waste and precious metal recovery from electronic waste. Later on, she moved to construction sector and carried out field and reporting activities related to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental and Social Management Plans in compliance with international standards. After taking part in the international project, she focused on academic studies on sustainability and life cycle analysis in textile at the Middle East Technical University and shaped her expertise in this field. Her objective is to find and implement sustainable and alternative solutions to resource consumption and environmental problems that we are facing as a whole world in an inevitably way. She continues her works in Orbit Consulting team, which she joined in 2020.

Büşra Suiçmez

Büşra Suiçmez, graduated from Istanbul Technical University Environmental Engineering Department in 2017. She started his career as a Project Development Specialist in a non-governmental organization that pioneered the building and construction industry to be sustainable. She had the opportunity to work international and local green building certification systems. At the same time, she worked as a Project Assistant in a Horizon 2020 project jointly conducted with 8 countries in Europe. She gained experience in the retail industry during her studies. With all these experiences and the sustainability approaches, she continues to work as a Sustainability Consultant within Orbit Consulting.


Murat Buyurgan

Murat Buyurgan has been a senior manager in international and multi-brand retail organizations for more than 25 years with his experience in business administration. He provided successful graphics in achieving sales, profitability and market growth targets.  He managed sales, marketing, visual merchandising, e-commerce, and store design and implementation departments to achieve customer-focused, sustainability goals of key players in apparel retail, such as Mango, Levis, Gap, Banana Republic, Marks & Spencer. After many years of selling in the retail sector and working hard to achieve the growing targets with his  teams, today he  works hard for smart consumption, meaningful consumption and a sustainable industry and the world.

Can Aras

He has built his career within the scope of Sustainability Management, with the concern of the future of human life. After his Civil and Environmental Engineering education abroad, he contributed many different Sustainability issues with his 5 years of professional life experience and now he continues to work in the textile industry with an increasing interest. He has developed projects like Waste Management implementation in one of  Turkey’s leading projects,  Social Management, Green Building Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Noise Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, etc. He has been connected with the textile industry since his  childhood because of his family business which is Turkey’s one of the leading textile companies and now has the opportunity to contribute within the scope of Sustainability in textile. He is both performing sustainability management as well as  developing Recycled product portfolio. His Objective is to develop ‘ best practice ‘ business executions and examples in the field of Sustainability and then export these products to abroad as a value of Turkey.

Zeynep Akman

Zeynep Akman spent the last 20 years of her life working in the leather industry, in the field of leather bag design, production and marketing. During this time, she started to be interested in the field of sustainable fashion and made various studies to evaluate the leather residues in the sector. Mıanqa creating Turkey’s first sustainable luxury brand in 2017, and at the same time reduce residual skin KDEV cooperation with low-income women to generate income bag and began creating marketing globally. MIANQA, which is also accredited by reputable companies working in the field of sustainability in the world, is distributed online via e-export to all over the world today. In addition to her work on the MIANQA brand, Zeynep Akman continues to provide consultancy to various companies in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, jewelry and accessories.

Prof.Dr. Nilgün Cılız

Professor Doctor Nilgün Cılız, who has a Bachelors Degree of Chemical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) continued her doctoral studies on “Energy and Petrochemicals from Plastic Waste” at Strathclyde University in Scotland which completed afterwards at Boğaziçi University Institute of Environmental Sciences. She continues her academic career as a full-time faculty member at Boğaziçi University Institute of Environmental Sciences. Since 2007, she has been the Founding Director of the Sustainable Development and Cleaner Production Center (BU-SDCPC). Since 2010, she coordinates the Sustainable and Green Campus Project of Boğaziçi University in different management positions. Additionally, she has different responsibilities for United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN) since 2014 in Turkey.

Gülfem Şanto

Gülfem Şanto, worked as a Marketing Team Leader for a reputable denim fabric manufacturing brand. She was in charge of global marketing activities, building marketing strategies and effective communication tools focused on Sustainability. She was Responsible for overall creative direction and planning as well as for seasonal & capsule collections and building their concept narratives. Gulfem was also in charge for corporate digital marketing, media -planning and press communications Managing collaborations, events, and exhibition. She was coordinating seasonal and capsule photo shoots, styling and creative direction. She was responsible for preparing product-based presentations, analyzing and forecasting trends and industry strategies with comprehensive marketing tools.  Last but not least she worked for project and budget management along with her other responsibilities such as design direction and production of Marketing Tools.

Aylin Sayek Beyazıt

Aylin Sayek Beyazıt graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, and completed the Integrated Marketing Communications master’s degree at Emerson College in Boston, USA. During her education, she attended certificate programs at universities such as Rhode Island School of Design and Corcoran School of Art. After her graduation, she worked on design management, visual merchandising and showcase management in New York and wrote articles about design, architecture and art in magazines such as Maison Française, Elle Decor, Art Decor. She worked as a project coordinator at the Design Exhibition Beyond Borders ETMK After returning to Turkey to conduct projects on design and design management in various institutions. After working as a Design Editor in Milliyet newspaper, he started to work as an International Projects Coordinator at dDf – Dream Design Factory in design and art projects. Istanbul Design Week has been involved in many design and art projects, especially Artİstanbul. She attended the Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions certificate program at the University of the Arts London – Chelsea College of Arts. Since 2009, she has been working on event design and management at Good News Communications and Events, of which she is a founding partner.

Müge Akyüz Özkorkut

Müge graduated from Istanbul University Spanish Language and Literature
Department. In her professional life, She has worked as a manager and / or
consultant in all functions of Human Resources in multinational companies for
almost 20 years and still works as a Human Resources Consultant for companies. She has generally worked and specialized in restructuring and / or establishing a human resources systems in companies. She also participated in various trainings to understand and recognize the employees in depth and focused on subconscious
studies as her area of ​​expertise.

In 2005, She became the Certified Facilitator of the Transformation Game, given by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, and the Certified Trainer of the version of the Transformation Game for companies called “Frameworks for Coaching” that enables her making group Works for companies.

Muge has completed 4 years of training sequences at Turkish Family Constellations Institute and is accredited. Likewise, She makes Organization Set-ups for Companies for family Constellations.

In addition, She received Points of You training, a coaching game aimed at
institutions and individuals, and works with individuals and teams in line with their needs.

She continues to provide services and applications to both organizations and
employees, through which they can share their experiences after mutual meetings and analyzes.

Serkan Soyuer

Serkan Soyuer, works for on sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement, as well as strategic sustainability modeling including the business case for sustainability. He has strong knowledge on scientific foundations of sustainability, framework for strategic sustainable development, and corporate sustainability.
After graduating from Environmental Engineering Department at Suleyman Demirel University (SDU), he had worked for State Hydraulic Works of Turkey-Preparation of drinking water master plan of districts and towns of Afyonkarahisar in 2015. Continuing his career as an environmental engineer in the mining industry in the following years, Serkan worked on environmental sustainability and later specialized in holistic approaches to sustainability. He has been continuing his career as a Sustainability Consultant since 2018. The main areas of his work are Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainability Strategies and Approach Models, Sustainability Reporting and Climate Change. He had been involved in civil society work in the field of youth and he had taken place at SDU Social Responsibility Club, board member in 2013. Serkan is also a climate leader representing Turkey within the Climate Reality Project established under the leadership of Al Gore.