Measure and prove your consumer how sustainable and ethic is your product.

B · COME is the digital platform able to trace, evaluate and explain the sustainability performance of retail products.

BCOME-How does it work?
It is a digital tool for evaluating and interpreting efficient, transparent, and ethical supply chains that values, explains, and verifies the history of the products they consume and produce.

Value chain verification

Verification of each reported component through verification sources from official certificates, accreditations and standards:

According to verified data, BCOME lists and evaluates the best practices carried out in the supply chain classified in four impact areas: planet, people, transparency, and circularity.

Action Plan Conclusion of the evaluation and of the LCAs with resources that allow identifying risks and ordering the priorities of action by stage of the life cycle of each product.

Smart Label: Development of unique URLs per product reference.
Choose a template, connect the physical product to the digital experience in the product life and share through RFID and / or QR smart tags at the point of sale.

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