Why Orbit Club?

Digitalization has become an important opportunity and a must for today. Therefore, by having digital transformation in our services, we can achieve better results with a high degree of integration and establish a more efficient system. Therefore, it is crucial to have presence on digital platforms and make investments for the long-term. Orbit Showroom, Library & Newsletter services are designed for this purpose.

News from Us

• View current sustainability innovations in the News section.
• Follow sustainability-related issues on our page.
• Do not miss up-to-date opportunities.

Library & Newsletter Membership

• Our digital library is at your service, where you can find leading and successful examples of all sustainable quality related textiles on one platform.
• Be aware of important developments first with our newsletter. Let us inform you of the sustainability developments in the textile updates in the world. You will be one step ahead!
• Take part in our library with your product range. Take this opportunity to display your products in a digital platform where you will have the opportunity to get in touch with those who are interested.

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Our goal with the digital library

To create a platform for textile industry where sustainable products, services and innovations are together. Fast access is available where the entire sector can benefit. With the product range that you can find under categories covering every link of the value chain, we provide you the opportunity to see more sustainable raw material options and offer them to your customers. In this way, we create a platform where you can display your sustainable products as manufacturers, as well as providing a constantly renewed virtual environment that customers interested in these products can access.  We aim to create an efficient sourcing platform for our partners with sustainable choices, which the manufacturers can be contacted directly if the products are of any interest.

With our newsletter service, we aim to collect different and important sustainability contents and inform our readers monthly in order to keep them equipped with new developments, comments and practices and technological advances that have no harm to the environment in every sense.

In this way, we hope to be able to add value to all readers by keeping all our stakeholders up-to-date with the sustainability agenda, by benefiting from the developments in the world, by communicating at the level of practical applications.

Today, the digitalization index in the world is around 20%. This rate will increase to 60% in 5 years day by day.
This shows us the importance of digital transformation since nearly 10% increase is expected in this field every year. Especially with the increase on online sales demand, it is predicted that there will be a shift from brick and mortar structure to online sales services. At this point, online sales channels and the development of these platforms will lead to a serious leverage for digitalization which has already started with brands. Being competent in digital processes is very important for brands and their production processes.
The contribution of digitalization to sustainability is indisputable. This phenomenon which contains the most important opportunities in economic and environmental pillars of sustainability needs to be at the core of each company in order to adapt commercial and social benefits.

Why are the benefits of the Digital Library?

· Orbit Consulting’s digital library will be a platform for all the stakeholders in textile industry which provides access to up-to-date information on sustainable products and innovations. With the assistance of this data, everyone can easily add value to achieve sustainability practices which would also increase the credibility of Turkish Textile industry.  We aim to follow sustainability trends and share them through our Digital Library tool in order to provide mutual benefit for our industry. 

· Take the opportunity to show your products in a different platform than fairs and other conventional promotion channels and achieve the opportunity for long-term benefits of sustainable solutions. Our digital library is your link to the global sustainability trends  with a cost-effective way.

What are the featured brands?

Orbit Consulting is one of the main sponsors of Future Fabric EXPO organized by the Sustainable Angle. We collaborate with Sustainable Angle which is a valuable partner for Orbit Consulting for joint projects to showcase our customers and their products on international platforms.

Orbit Consulting was one of the main sponsors of Future Fabrics Fair 2020.