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Why should we rcycle? Recycling, which will become the business plan of
the future in the textile industry, is so important. With the Cradle to Cradle
approach, see manufacturing and disposal of products in accordance with
recycling starting from the design phase and Life Cycle Assessment.


What will be the real impact of sustainability, which has become one of the most crucial issues in fashion and textile industry? Is this a “trend”? Or is the industry changing permanently? Let’s take a look at the latest studies and contents related to this. What is happening on the basis of brands?

Orbit Consulting Sustainability
Newsletter 2 May

Higg Index creator Sustainable Apparel Coalition, consulting firm Boston Consulting and Higg Co. (SAC subsidiary) wrote a very interesting report called “Sustainable Fashion Industry After Covid19”. The report provides 4 recommendations for changing the overall picture, declining sales after Covid-19, and reversing the industry’s depreciation…

Orbit Consulting Sustainability
Newsletter 1 May

As we all follow closely, the Covid-19 virus has had an impact on almost the entire economy. Business lines such as retail, clothing, luxury consumption and textile were the main sectors where this effect was felt intensely. But does everything have to be so downside in this period? Is it possible to create different results? Of course, there will be some opportunities and turns at the beginning of this post-covid period. In order to catch these opportunities in a leading textile country such as Turkey, the easiest and most efficient way surely has to be analyzing the market and act accordingly. It should be indispensable for companies to analyze, read data, follow general trends, and create a road map and plan ahead for their future accordingly.


Tedarikçi Kriterlerinde Fiyat, Kalite ve Zaman Üçgeninin Dışına Çıkılacak!

Covid-19’un bütün dünya sağlığını tehdit ettiği, üretimi büyük anlamda sekteye vurduğu ve önümüzdeki dönemde dünya ekonomisini benzeri görülmemiş işsizlik rakamları ve küresel durgunlukla tehdit ettiği günleri yaşıyoruz.


Daha bir ay kadar önce, CEO’lar sürdürülebilirlik planları ve yeşil yatırımlar hakkında konuşuyor, iklim aktivistleri Yeşil Anlaşmalar için küresel bir hareket olduğuna atıfla övünüyordu. Bugün ise, Avrupa Birliği iklim yasası tartışmalarını erteliyor, Fridays for Future protestoları online buluşmalara çeviriyor, yoğun karbon salımı yapan endüstriler kurtarma operasyonları arıyor

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