Orbit Partners

You can find products which provide technological solutions specifically designed for  textile industry that supports us in our sustainability solutions. These carefully selected partner companies enrich and optimize Orbit Consulting’s services. They also make our services measurable, and help us facilitate the processes of the companies we work with in order to achieve sustainable improvements



Use of Digitalization and Virtual Reality Technologies in Textiles.

We focus on is digitalizing the sample processes in the textile industry and ensure that all these processes are created in digital environment. The samples are presented to customers in Virtual Reality showrooms and orders are taken through digital samples without real samples being produced.

How does it work?

When a sample is produced, first the pattern file is prepared on the computer. The digital molds prepared are printed on digital mannequins in 3D format. All kinds of sewing, fabric, pattern, printing, embroidery are applied and digital samples are also placed in the digital virtual showrooms that we develop. The showroom that we creates with multiplayer features allows us to have simultaneous up to 30 people programme with live speaking. For instance, manufacturers in Turkey with virtual reality goggles, customers in Germany or any other partner around the world can see the productsin the same showroom. They can also examine and change their colors or variants live, and finally place their order in the software.

What are the benefits?

Besides 80% of material savings in sample production, Prosoft also leads to water, energy and time savings which provides reduction in carbon emission. Adapting a technical solution contributes digitalization and sustainability goals of the companies additionally.


For more information please visit https://www.prosoftvr.com
or reach us via email at info@theorbitconsulting.com