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You can find technological solution products or content products that focus on the textile field that supports us in our sustainability journey. These companies enrich Orbit Consulting’s services, make them measurable, and offer them to your service as carefully selected brands and formations to facilitate the processes of the companies we work with and to support our work.

Take Control of Your Corporate Carbon Footprint.

Carbon emission management and reporting is now much easier with QuickCarbon.

What is Quick Carbon?
QuickCarbon is a software that allows you to calculate your web-based carbon footprint and manage your carbon, providing comprehensive and affordable carbon accounting and management solutions. It helps organizations of all levels to measure, track, report and manage their carbon footprints.

Why should institutions manage their carbon emissions?
Increasing awareness on global warming has led to the need for institutions to calculate and report their greenhouse gas emissions. Many countries have carbon emission limits and mandatory reduction targets.

Do you want to effortlessly integrate Carbon Emission management into your existing workflows?
QuickCarbon allows you to easily make your corporate emission calculations, analyze your emission sources and report them in accordance with international standards by integrating with your existing business units with its user-friendly and easy-to-use structure.

QuickCarbon provides many convenience and benefits to its users in the process of calculating and reporting your corporate carbon footprint according to international standards.

The simple solution It is a simple solution for your carbon management and reporting needs.
The right software Software created based on industry experience.
Calculating at the desired level Greenhouse gas emissions can be calculated at any desired level of your organization.
Easy access It can be accessed from any computer with a modern internet browser.
Less workload Simplifies the process for controllers and data collectors.
Technical support Engineers and consultants can guide you through the application and get the necessary support when you need it.

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