Sustainable Development

Orbit Consulting provides sustainable solutions and innovations for textile industry.

For continuous improvement and development; Orbit Consulting makes a difference in processes with its consultancy, trainings and communication services.


Orbit Consulting aims to support companies with solution and result oriented projects in determining and implementing sustainability strategies. Within the scope of consultancy services, Orbit Consulting determines the sustainability maturity level through the assessment tool called ‘’Orbit Criteria’’. The assessment tool provides sustainability report and strategic road map, and sheds light on development under different headings. Establishing sustainability management systems, social compliance, green facility standards, raw materials, supply chain & transparency and finally digitalization are the main areas of development that are focused on in this process.


Orbit Consulting considers sustainability as a holistic strategy and an opportunity to maintain continuous improvement.   In this context, we aim to create value for companies by transferring the knowledge that will create a competitive advantage in the textile industry with company customized and collective trainings under the main topics of technical, general, advanced and social compliance with expert trainers.


The development of the term ‘’sustainability communication’’ is accompanied by the call for responsible human interaction with the nature and social environment. The main purpose of sustainability communication is to critically evaluate and promote the human-environment relationship with social discourse. Under this service, we have services such as regular digital newsletter and sustainable raw material library membership, content creation, sustainability-themed Public Relations services, fair & workshop organizations, conference & seminar events, sustainability reporting and GRI reporting.