The Sustainable Angle is a not for profit organisation, founded in 2010 in Switzerland to create and support projects that facilitate regenerative and sustainable practices, with a mission to drive change in the fashion and textiles industries in particular.

Since 2010, our main project, the FUTURE FABRICS EXPO, has become the largest dedicated showcase of curated globally sourced innovative and sustainable material solutions for the fashion industry, with over 5000 materials exhibited to professionals around the world every year. The materials showcased at the Future Fabrics Expo, now a UK company, are contextualised with educational information to enable a holistic understanding of complex sustainability issues, helping to promote informed decision-making by providing the tools and solutions for a responsible fashion industry.

We Research and analyse the latest sustainability intelligence, and source commercially available materials and textiles from global suppliers.

We Connect brands and designers with best practice mills, suppliers and innovators across the fashion supply chain.

We Educate businesses and organisations, producing content, creating tools and communicating our sustainable materials research to the fashion industry and academia via workshops, seminars and presentations.

Our Virtual Expo provides 24/7 digital access to an edition of over 1000 best practice sustainable materials with a zoom tool, full sustainability information per material, criteria and globally recognised certifications where applicable.

At the outset, The Sustainable Angle have developed a number of assessment criteria in consultation with leading research organisation The Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and more recently further developed in dialogue with CreateSustain consultancy.

We use these criteria to assess our suppliers’ operations and the materials they produce for inclusion in the Future Fabrics Expo. These criteria recognise some of the most pressing resource issues, social and environmental impacts that relate to the fashion supply chain. We work with innovators and market leaders who demonstrate positive action in one or more of these areas, both in their operations and the products they produce.

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